Thursday, June 09, 2005

InfoToday Blog - even more SLA 2005

Thanks to Library Boy Michel-Adrien for pointing this site out: InfoToday Blog. Since then I have noticed a number of other bloggers from the non-legal fields of librarianship covering other sessions. So, many voices for you to choose from! Another innovation might be to pull all blog feeds discussing one conference/event together onto one page for everyone's convenience. Just tucking these conference ideas away for future reference....

In the meantime, you have the wonderful opportunity to get to know us individually.


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rakerman said...

Hi, I made a blogdigger group to aggregrate SLA postings, but they're not able to do groups that include searching yet, so it just shows all the posts from every included site.

I've been doing quite a bit of writing/thinking about conference blogging.

I made a wiki page with the SLA bloggers that I know of, along with the blogdigger group.