Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Internet Librarian 2008 - Connie's Day 2 Wrap-up

In this seesmic video I give a wrap-up of Day 2, talking about my new inspiration to get out and use easy web-based video to tell people's stories.

Internet Librarian - Connie's Day 2 Wrap-upConnie talks about being newly inspired at Internet Librarian. Check out for more info.

For more details about the Shanachie Tour see

I no sooner posted this, then I had a response from Kathryn Greenhill based in Australia who saw my video discussion just as she was about to head off to a meeting. She created a response video:

Re: Internet Librarian - Connie's Day 2 Wrap-upYes - we should be using video more - I'm with you

and here is my response to that which I think furthers the discussion on improving our new literacies:

Re: Internet Librarian - Connie's Day 2 Wrap-upResponding to Kathryn Greenhill's video about the challenge of interviewing people spontaneously with video.

I hope that someone else will find us on seesmic and continue the conversation!


Amul Raj said...

They sampled public libraries in different population levels throughout the U.S. and also looked at all Colorado public libraries. They had to define Library 2.0 – and used the definition in Wikipedia. They wanted to set a list of what Library 2.0 technologies were – they did some brainstorming, created an in-house survey tool, asked library-world experts on Library 2.0.
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Anonymous said...

~Kathy Dempsey said...

Connie, it's good to hear that others are being inspired by the Shanachie guys. I was too (as you'll see in my editor's preface to the book). I hope lots of others get to know their projects and follow them on their next tour thro Australia next month.

Hope you enjoy the book!

As for how to start filming video... one of the IL sessions I was at on Wednesday said "Hams are inextricably drawn to cameras and lights -- like moths!" If you situate yourself in a good place with a camera, the curious will circle around and then you can ask them fpr a short interview. If you want to catch the big names, tho, I agree that asking them ahead of time is probably the best way to go. But I hope video catches on more, with the help of people like you -- it's such an engaging way to communicate.

Keep up the good work!