Sunday, December 09, 2007

Cool New Happenings in the Podcast World

I make note of some of the cool new happenings from the podcast world:

  • It is the Canadian Podcast Buffet's 2nd anniversary! Not familiar with the Buffet? It is a regular update of the comings and goings of the Canadian podcaster community hosted by Bob Goyetche and Mark Blevis. Congratulation, guys!!
  • Speaking of which, the guys at the Buffet have started the shiny new Podcasting Wiki which is meant to help new podcasters learn how to podcast. The idea for the wiki came out of the recent Podcamp Ottawa. They are looking for input to the wiki from the podcaster community. Great job, folks!! I know *I'll* be using the new site.
  • The second Podcamp Toronto has been set for February 23-24, 2008. I enjoyed it so much last time, I have signed up as an organizer! I know, call me crazy. But I really want to learn how these "camp" events are put together. If you have any questions about Podcamp, let me know. And hopefully I will see you there! At last year's Podcamp Toronto, Jim Milles and I did a presentation on "What to Podcast". The video of that talk is here and the PDF presentation is here.
  • And speaking of Jim Milles, he and Kristina Lively have started my new favourite "couple cast" called The Shadow and James Show. They met in Second Life (where their names are James and Shadow respectively) and have now moved in together in real life. I love that, in their show, I get to hear about their day to day lives as well as adventures. They talk a lot about food, movies, music, and cats. Among other things! Congratulations on the new show Jim and Kristina. :-)
  • And did you know that there is actually a talk show for librarians on the web? Greg Schwartz hosts Uncontrolled Vocabulary every Wednesday evening at 10 p.m. ET. People in the library community make note of articles or blog posts to discuss by tagging them with "unvocab" in the social bookmarking site . Greg then selects from the articles, using them as jumping-off points for discussion. The show is held in Talk Shoe and people dial in to talk "on the air". You can listen or participate in the call live, or listen to it later as it is recorded. This is a great way to keep up with issues generally surrounding the library industry. If you go back a few months ago you will even hear me in a past episode!
  • If you don't want to dig around quite that much, you can also hear me on recent episode 78 of Six Pixels of Separation, the podcast from Montreal-based marketing agency Twist Image. I had called in with an audio comment, and host Mitch Joel aired it and also talked about me. Very exciting!
Well, my effort to infiltrate the podcasting community without actually doing any podcasting continues. LOL! To be honest, I have about 3 or 4 shows in my brain itching to come out. One of these days I will pick up the microphone, I promise. Then there will be no holding me back!



wsh1266 said...

Hi Connie! I am so glad you're getting involved in Podcamp Toronto- let me know if you need any help! Whitney Hoffman

Anonymous said...

feel free to call in any time Connie.

I just did a Six Points of Separation in episode #81 of Six Pixels of Separation on how to leave a perfect audio comment... not that you need any help.

Anonymous said...

Hey Connie!

Thanks so much for the anniversary wishes. Don't forget to submit your 2007 highlight in time for this week's show. We need it by Wednesday at 7pm.


John Dupuis said...

You've been memed!

(Please feel no obligation to continue the meme.)