Friday, December 07, 2007

Canadian Law Blogs List by Steve Matthews

My buddy Steve Matthews has done it again! He is always coming up with very focussed, important ideas. He has taken the Canadian Law Blogs List which first saw light of day as a blog post a few years ago, and has given it a brand new home with its own domain. Brilliant!

You can now find it at .

And don't forget to visit his legal publisher new book titles feed site, .

I can't help but wonder what else he has up his sleeve....(if I hear of anything else I will let you know!)


Steve Matthews said...

Thanks kindly. :-) I'm hoping the Clawbies will make a return in the last week of December. Otherwise, I'm sure 2008 will bring plenty more web publishing opportunities.

If Stem is going to become a different kind of profile building service, then publishing, advertising, and quality content all have to come into play. If you want to help people promote their services online, then you need the credibility of being 'in the game' yourself to know what's working. Pure consulting was never in the plan anyway. :-)

Connie Crosby said...

I can't wait for the Clawbies again!