Tuesday, October 30, 2007

More Take-Away Thoughts from Law Via the Internet

I put together some of my take-away learnings and thoughts from last week's Law Via the Internet conference over at SLAW.

The question which I didn't include was, how can librarians get more involved in making the law accessible to the public? There is the obvious link to law librarians, but I couldn't help but think we also have to consider those librarians who work directly with the public, the public librarians. How are they helping the public to access the law, and what do they need to make this happen? How can they become part of the process?

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Connie Crosby said...

Okay, I have just posted this and I am already making notes. What is perhaps needed is:
(1) someone to put together a summary of what the free public access to law stands for and
(2) a history of the movement
- specifically written for librarians and giving us ways to take action and contribute.

I was going to put this simple idea out for librarians to discuss, but I think some additional information and development of ideas is needed. If anyone wants to contribute to this, drop me a line either here in the comments or via email conniecrosby@gmail.com