Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Heather Robinson Speaks on KM Next Week

Heather Robinson, Head of Information Services at Bevan Brittan LLP in the UK and a prominent speaker on knowledge management, will be in town next week. Notably, she will be speaking Wednesday afternoon at the Faculty of Information Studies at the University of Toronto on "Knowledge Management and the Law."

Below is the full description taken from the FIS website . This session is open to whoever would like to attend. Invitations are being extended to both Faculty of Information Studies and Faculty of Law Students. This is being held in Room 728 at FIS, 140 St. George St., Toronto.

Knowledge Management and the Law
Wednesday, October 10 2007, 4:00pm - 6:00pm

Join us for a presentation and discussion featuring Heather Robinson, Head of Information Services at Bevan Brittan LLP (Bristol, London and Birmingham). Heather Robinson, author of the U.K. Law Society's practice management handbook chapter on knowledge management, frequent speaker at international knowledgemanagement conferences, visiting lecturer at the University of Bristol's MSc programme in Information and Library Management, has spent the last 18 years managing legal knowledge after starting her career with the British Library.

This interactive session will include discussion of:

  • the potential of legal knowledge management techniques and principles for improving access to justice and facilitating the delivery of legal services to the public

  • emerging careers in legal knowledge management for law graduates
    and information studies graduates

  • application of knowledge management techniques to improve efficiency, quality control and risk management in private law firms, legal departments and public sector agencies

  • knowledge management and continuing education.This event will be of particular interest to faculty and students in law, education, information studies, knowledge media studies and to lawyers, librarians and educators.

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Thanks to John Loosemore for organizing this talk. I look forward to meeting Heather when she is here.

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