Friday, December 15, 2006

Globe and Mail @ play: Not your grandfather's library system

The Globe and Mail published a great article on Tuesday in the @ play technology column: Not your grandfather's library system. Do have a look before it slips behind their "must pay for full article" wall.

This article outlines new technologies being used by Canadian public library systems,including Vaughan Public Libraries and Toronto Public Library.
University librarians were also interviewed, as was Stephen Abram, vice-president of innovation at SirsiDynix and a well-known figure in the library world.

I was going to quote selectively from this article, but you really should read the whole piece. I am frequently blown away by how advanced our public libraries are becoming, and this article really reinforces that opinion.

I sometimes get asked how I keep ahead of the crowd with my work, but when I look at what these and the academic libraries are doing, I really feel like I am much more of a follower than a leader.

Kudos to all interviewed for the article, and to those who make everything tick at those libraries!

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