Monday, November 27, 2006

CALL 2006 Salary and Benefits Survey

The Canadian Association of Law Libraries 2006 Compensation Survey was released last week. This survey only comes out every two or three years. It is available on the public side of the website.

What surprised me with this survey is that, in most cases academic, law society and courthouse librarians are paid more than law firm librarians according to Figure 5: Salary by Job Position and Library Type. I was under the delusion that, except for perhaps the head directors of some of the larger academic and law society libraries, law firm librarians would receive the highest pay. Apparently I thought wrong.

Back in October the Toronto Association of Law Libraries released its annual survey. That one is only available to TALL members. A quick look through it shows me they haven't made the distinction of type of library. Possibly there aren't enough libraries in all the types to make this feasible. For example, there is only one law society and only two academic law libraries.


Rob said...

I was also a bit surprised to see that law firm librarians aren't paid as much as their counterparts in other types of law libraries. According to the same figure the reverse is true for library technicians & assistants - we're making more in law firms than in other types of law libraries. As a library technician in a law firm, this is encouraging.

Anonymous said...

having been involved in the delivery of the survey, i must admit that the final survey isn't quite as awesome as i had hoped it would be.

we had time pressures and didn't get some critical statistical info before the deadline, so some of the correlations may be a bit dodgy. however, i figured that getting the info out was better than sitting on it for months and having that info that we did acquire go stale.

that said, it was the first time the survey was delivered online, and the many lessons learned this time around can be applied to the next one ... also thanks again connie for acting as one of the beta-testers !