Monday, November 27, 2006

Bermuda Firm Looking for Law Librarian

I noticed the Bermuda firm Conyers Dill and Pearman has reposted their library manager position. I asked the current library manager, Jim Spence, about it. For those of you keeping score, he's the fellow I replaced when I moved into my current firm. It's been 9 years for both of us, and he is looking for a change. Apparently law librarian is now a job category that is excepted from the work permit time limits, so anyone taking the position could theoretically renew the work permit indefinitely.

About the position, he tells me: "it might be worth noting that we're not looking for anyone with an exclusively U.S. law library background. Nothing against our Amercian friends, but we use almost exclusively UK resources down here (with a smattering of other Commonwealth resources)."

There are only a few law librarians in Bermuda and often they have been hired from Toronto, including former TALL President Danielle Brousseau. I wrote about her move in this article. The full position at CDP is posted below:


We require a Manager for our busy Information Resources Department. Core functions of this department include:

• Supervision of Information Resources Department staff
• Information gathering and the provision of research/reference services using print and electronic sources.
• Creating and maintaining information resources through the firm Intranet, and the production of several electronic current awareness e-mail publications.
• Records management through the maintenance, indexing and controlled circulation of original legal documents kept in a secure vault.
• Company, property and litigation ("audit letter") search services, which involve obtaining information and documents from government and court registries, and other sources.
• Maintenance and administration of two separate library physical plants: receiving, recording, processing, maintaining and organising print materials; ordering materials; invoice processing; and, other clerical and administrative tasks.
• Providing library and information support services for the firm’s non-Bermuda offices.
• Training lawyers, law students and staff in the use of information resources.

Applicants must have:

• A Masters degree in Library or Information Science (or an equivalent degree) from an accredited university.
• A minimum of five years of employment experience in a professional capacity in a law library or equivalent information resource centre setting, preferably with a law firm.
• A minimum of two years of employment experience in a managerial capacity in a law library or equivalent information resource centre setting, preferably with a law firm.
• Strong computer skills, including a working knowledge of basic webpage design and creation; experience using a library and records management software system would be a definite asset.
• Expertise in the provision of business and legal research services using print and electronic sources of information such as LEXIS-NEXIS, The Electronic Law Reports (JUSTIS) and Internet sources.
• Familiarity with, and experience in using UK legal materials and resources.
• Exemplary oral and written communication skills.
• Exemplary organisational skills, including the ability to effectively and efficiently juggle several projects simultaneously.
• Excellent customer service and interpersonal skills, and confidence in dealing with legal and business professionals, clients, projects, job complexities and fellow employees.

Written applications, with curriculum vitae, should be addressed in confidence to:

Manager of Human Resources
Conyers Dill & Pearman
P.O. Box HM 666
Hamilton, Bermuda HM CX
Fax: 232-3134
Email: Web site

"We are an equal opportunity employer
Welcoming applications from all sectors of our community"

Posted with permission.

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