Friday, September 02, 2005

Linkblogs: The Latest Thing!

Recently Steve Matthews, to accompany his Vancouver Law Librarian Blog created a new "linkblog". That is, he created a blog for posting links to resources without putting any bumph around it. (Good word, "bumph". You can also spell it "bumf", but the ph seem to elevate it somewhat. But I digress!)

Anyway, here is the VLLB Linkblog and his explanation to go with it.

Well, Steve has a way of pulling me along with him (my presence in Slaw would be one example) and so far he hasn't led me astray. When he set up his linkblog, he sent me a challenge to do the same.

So without further ado, here is my linkblog: Connie Crosby Links. Took me all of 20 minutes to create, customize and start posting. Whew--I almost broke out in a sweat!

Do with it what you will. The feed should be set up, but I haven't tested it. I have put a convenient link to it from the sidebar in this main blog, and vice versa. Probably a good 2/3 of what I post here are really just links for my own future use, so I wonder what will come of my posting here. Perhaps more personal reflection? Maybe I will start that novel I've always dreamed about.... Who knows!


1 comment:

Steve Matthews said...

One handy thing I've been using for my linkblog (though its been available for a while...) is the 'Blog This' function built into the Google Toolbar.

It doesn't work so well for commentary type posts (too much 'bumph'), BUT for linkblogs it's fantastic.

I'm adding your 'reading list' to my feed reader right now!

Congrats... S.