Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Advertising Ploy Fools Librarian

News at 11!

Today I received a card in a nice high-quality envelope with my name and address typed in fancy letters. It was from a big-time U.S. publisher, and had the words "Invitation Enclosed..." It was set aside from the usual mail by my co-worker so I could have the personal pleasure of opening it. I got all excited at the possibility of a fancy lunch or at least a seminar showing off a new product. I opened up the envelope and, guess what? It was an "exclusive invitation" to "receive the premier issue" of a journal that I'm really not interested in. Rats. They must have heard I have an edict out to toss all direct mail advertising, and therefore devised this clever ruse to circumvent my otherwise air-tight procedures.

Foiled again! Or, should I say, fooled again. I will now have to become even more vigilant in my work to see fewer direct mail ads...

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