Monday, February 09, 2009

Wikis as Intranets

Today over on the Slaw post Collaboration Through Wikis: Law Firm Case Study I pull together a presentation and a write-up about a project to implement a wiki platform as an intranet by the Toronto-based law firm Hicks Morley. Heather Colman, Knowledge Management Specialist, spearheaded the project for them and describes in detail how this project was conceived and implemented over on in the feature article Collaboration Through Wikis at Hicks Morley. Her slides presented to Toronto Wiki Tuesdays last November are below.

I thank Heather and Hicks Morley for sharing their innovative ideas with all of us. It is an inspiration as to what can done with a smaller time-frame and smaller budget than available at a really big law firm. This sort of innovation starts to level the playing field with implementing current technologies inside the organization.

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