Sunday, January 11, 2009

Seen Reading: Torontonians are still reading books

Anyone who rides the Toronto transit knows that people find ways to close themselves off from everyone else, usually either by wearing headphones to listen to music (if you see me with headphones, I'm more likely listening to business podcasts) and by reading.

Julie Wilson, who works in the publishing industry, likes to observe what people are reading as well as who is reading, and she makes note on her blog Seen Reading. As a writer, she takes some poetic license by writing the person into a little scenario. Her blog is very readable, especially if you are interested in books and people as I am.

Adam Schwabe of Dear Toronto blog created a video allowing Julie to explain what she is doing and how she puts her blog together:

I thought this would be interesting to all of us in the book business, whether publishing or library.

This video and another write-up of Seen Reading was found via Jaime Woo.

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