Friday, November 21, 2008

JD Supra Launches Facebook App

When I was in California for the Internet Librarian conference in October, I was fortunate to also head to San Francisco and meet with some of the folks from legal documents sharing service JD Supra. They hinted that some new developments were just around the corner, and I'm pleased to announce that they have now released a Facebook application. So cool!

I haven't had a chance to try it out myself yet, but Steve Matthews has done a write-up with screen shots over at his Law Firm Web Strategy blog. I can't wait to try it out--it gives me the opportunity to post a feed of the documents I have loaded in JD Supra (screen shot of Steve's feed):

as well as have my JD Supra profile reposted (again I have snagged Steve's):

I can't wait to try it out over the weekend! If you are in a law firm, are a lawyer, or work with a law-related organization, I encourage you to have a look at JD Supra. It is a way to share your expertise with others and raise your profile at the same time in a very Web 2.0 way.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for picking it up Connie. Much appreciated. :)


Doug Cornelius said...

The other thing JD supra is doing is pushing the postings out through twitter.
Look for:

When documents get published, they go out in a twitter feed based on category.