Monday, July 21, 2008

Twebinars - Are Webinars Using Twitter Going Too Far?

Anyone who follows my blogging probably knows I'm a bit of a Twitter fanatic. Still, I'm not sure about Twebinars, the new webinar series using Twitter.

The current Twebinar series is being sponsored by social media monitoring company Radian6 who, incidentally, are based in Fredericton, New Brunswick (I think that's so cool!). The series is being hosted by my favourite social media community specialist, Boston-based Chris Brogan.

But the idea of following a program along on the web and then chatting with fellow participants using Twitter leaves me wondering--how useful will the Twitter discussion part be? It is not like all participants will be following one another, and if I'm even more chatty then usual (and I'm pretty chatty!) will my Twitter followers not taking the Twebinar be completely annoyed? I know why they did it this way-because it helps raise awareness of the series amongst the "early adopters" on Twitter, and I'm sure it is hoped this will therefore raise awareness of Radian6 among them and their network. I don't have a problem with that.

I'm interested in seeing how all of this works. I missed the first in the series but am going to catch the second tomorrow (Tuesday) at 2 pm ET. It's called Who Really Owns Your Brand? You can read more about it here and if you would like to join me you can register for free here.

The third in the series is The Importance of Listening on Tuesday, August 19, 2 pm ET.

Regardless of whether the Twitter part works or not, Chris Brogan is always entertaining, informative and inspiring, so it will definitely be worth your while.


Anonymous said...

Hey there Connie. Thanks for the post. Yes, the first one certainly had it's "drinking from the Twitter firehose" aspect of things. And folks did say it was challenging to take in two streams at once. I was working on the receiving end of the admin side of the discussion and trust me if I had had a paper bag to breath into at the beginning I certainly would have. But surprisingly you actually eventually settle in to a pace that you can somewhat manage. I say "somewhat" because it still is mind-blowing how many discussions are happening per second. Consider this, if a webinar is like a regular movie at the theatre, a twebinar is more like attending the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Very interactive.

We did get some great feedback from folks who attended the first one and we are trying our hardest to incorporate as much of it as we can with this second in the series. It still probably won't be perfect but we are certainly trying :-)

I'd be very interested in feedback from you following the event today. And thanks for spreading the news about it today - much appreciated.


PS. You are always invited to pop in and say Hi whenever you are in Fredericton, or as they say around here, Freddy Beach. Cheers.

Connie Crosby said...

Thanks so much for stopping by to comment, David. I guess it is a way of leveraging the "back channel" that you know will probably exist to some extent on Twitter if you run a seminar of any sort for this crowd. I'm interested to see how it works and will give you some feedback after.

I'd love to drop by if I'm ever in your neck of the woods--er--beach.


Anonymous said...

I am to having the same question.
Why they do it and how it goes into process? That's good to tell about the series second tomorrow.

Laurie said...

Well I missed the first two, but I'm signed up for the third now! Can't wait to hear what you thought of it!