Monday, April 28, 2008

Where I've Been, and Where I'm Going

Have you missed me? The best-laid plans sometimes get put aside for real life. I had a fantastic time at the Computers in Libraries conference, took lots of notes but alas had little bandwidth to post at the time. So, no live blogging. I do have photos to still post to Flickr, and notes to post from the sessions I attended.

The best part of CIL2008 for me was the people! I got to catch up with folks I met last time, as well as got to meet other on-line friends in person for the first time. There is a terrific group of young, energetic library folk who are or are becoming the leaders in the social media/social networking/Web 2.0 space, and it is fantastic to be able to talk with them in person as a group and one-on-one.

Since that time I have been busy with real live work. It surprises me that, before I have even put myself out there publicly I have had work already. And I also have a lot of terrific, supportive colleagues contacting me with ideas and invitations. I feel like so many are looking out for me, and keeping me in the loop. I am so grateful for all of your good wishes and inspiration!

Photo: Meredith Farkas and Connie Crosby by eclectic librarian.

I hope to have a separate website up and running soon that will explain a little more about what it is I am doing in this self-employed consulting gig. I am not specifically doing freelance library work, but instead focusing on social media projects in their various forms. Some of it is teaching, some of it is monitoring the social media space, and some of it is helping people get set up on the web with their own web presence. A lot of my time is spent trying out the various tools, pushing my knowledge of how they work so I can help others sort out what works best for your purposes.

For anyone wondering, I am still in downtown Toronto and am close at hand to meet for coffee, lunch, or other meetings. You can easily reach me at

Anyway, check back here again soon since I have a number of pending blog posts!



Anonymous said...

Wow! Your consulting work sounds amazing!! I'm doing a little tiny bit of this on the side and I really love it. I'm looking forward to seeing your site on the topic.

Connie Crosby said...

Thanks so much for your kind wishes, Lauren! I will keep an eye on your blog for discussion of your projects.