Wednesday, February 14, 2007

On Snow and Blogger and Valentines

Well, today is definitely a snow day! Those of us in the centre of the budding metropolis of Toronto don't have much excuse not to get into work what with subways and streetcars that pretty much continue running no matter what, so here I am at my post. Everyone else is away either working from home or taking a snow day. So, here I am smiling and eating chocolate which someone brought me (Lindt no less!). I don't usually celebrate Valentine's day, but then again I never turn away chocolate, do I? The books are shelved, the email read, the snail mail neatly tucked away for my co-worker who processes it. Very nice. It feels a bit like the calm before a storm: I just don't trust that it is going to remain this quiet. But, for now I am enjoying it since I rarely get any down time around here.

So, last week when I went to post something to this blog on my old school Blogger account, I was turned away! First it gave me this nasty notice saying my time was up, that I had better switch to the new Blogger. Then it asked me to sign in again, but this time I had to read and agree to a new terms of agreement (yikes!--not sure I agreed with everything I read). When I did all that, the system pooped out and wouldn't let me proceed. I was kind of miffed, so left it until Sunday.

Sunday I finally had time to read through all the info, figure out how to back up my blogs (almost 3 years worth of posts!) , delete some old practice blogs I no longer needed and take the plunge. BUT the system wouldn't let me do any of that. I signed on, it made me agree to those terms of agreement again, and then it threw all my blogs immediately into conversion. The system basically said to go away and do something else (even shut down the browser) while the changes were being made. That made me very nervous.

Fortunately, as far as I can tell all my posts successfully transferred over. And frustration I had in pulling up ancient posts with the old Blogger are now gone, since I can now see all past posts (and even a bunch of drafts that accidentally never got posted! Whoops.). I went in and deleted a bunch of old blogs because, well, I had wanted to clear those out anyway. Today is my first post with the new Blogger account. I see there is a place to put in labels (tags) for this post, but I don't see a way to create a defined set of authority labels (librarian mind of mine at work). So, today's post will be tagged: snow, work, valentines, Blogger, chocolate, tagging, frustration. Heh.

Man, and the snow just keeps on falling today. Wow! I can see it out of my window. Big snow-ball size flakes are coming off the buildings, too. Not too much on the ground, so I think it is just flying around between the buildings. It is supposed to be a lot worse around Hamilton.

Well, back to my regularly scheduled work. Take care, enjoy a day of chocolate and snow, and try to stay warm!


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Connie Crosby said...

Very interesting. It put all of the tags (labels) into alphabetical order.