Tuesday, January 23, 2007

CALL/ACBD 2005 Private Law Library/Corporate Law Library SIG Operational Survey Released - Comments requested

Today the PLL/CLL Committee of the Canadian Association of Law Libraries released its 2005 Operations survey, available from the PLL/CLL webpage.

This survey was a lot of work and covers subjects such as:

  • Library clients

  • Library staffing

  • Physical library space

  • Library products and services

  • Billing

  • Budget and financial planning - including costs per lawyer

  • Online services - use and spending

  • Firm intranet and website - involvement by library staff

  • Library catalogue

  • Multi-office firms/National firms

The committee who put this together request feedback about the usefulness of this survey:

"Given the effort exerted and expense incurred in conducting CALL surveys it is time to seriously question whether we should continue to do so -- given that members often conduct their own small surveys via the CALL-L listserv as questions arise. This committee is interested in your thoughts on this."

For my own part I find it an immensely enlightening read, but then I wonder if I put what I learn into practical use? I am hoping to look more closely at the results and see what conclusions I can draw. If I find anything of particular interest, I will share it here.


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