Thursday, June 22, 2006

Day of Firsts: Podcast Recording and Comic Strip!

I'm very excited about my first recording (that I did myself!) which has been incorporated into this week's episode of Check This Out! I discuss the KM conference last week, giving a run down of the sessions and what I took away with me.

And here is my first comic strip from the strip generator. I called it "welcome to libraryland". It's not particularly funny but it was my first attempt. I encourage you to try your own and post the links here!!


Jocelyn said...

Hey there, I just read your article on library blogging on, and posted a note about it on my blog so that I don't forget your url. I have (I'm fairly sure) no readers at all, but thought I'd be courtious and let you know about the link anyway.

I like the comic, is the librarian playing solitare with an actual deck of cards in panel 3? I've pretty much forgotten what non-computer based solitaire looks like, so I can't be sure.

Connie Crosby said...

Thank you for the wonderful comments here and on your blog, miss judicious! I'm not sure why the librarian has cards (hadn't thought about solitaire). It was just one of the items available to use with the cartoon generator. I changed things up in each panel just to be silly.

I created three other cartoons with it. I will post links to those as well.