Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Building a Community

Keynote Conversation: Building a Community

Tara “Miss Rogue” Hunt,
- Online marketing director,
- blogger HorsePigCow

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

An interactive session, involving audience participation.

Who here have blogs? Who have multiple blogs?

- Flickr
- Bubbleshare

- YouTube
People are becoming disenfranchised and want more. They want to find community.

- The Consumerist – how to sue an airline

People recognize marketing lies. There are too many unsatisfactory choices with products.

DRM locks people into their choices. Loosing your choice isn’t good either.

There are too many messages – there are ads everywhere. Who uses FireFox? You can get rid of the pop-ups and other ads.

The end consumer revolution has been around forever, but something has changed.

Threadless – T-shirt designs and people vote for them

Citizen media – what does it mean for the future. Bowiechick - video of girl using new Logitech camera potential. 250,000 downloads. What does this mean for marketing in the future? What is the potential??
- is this advertising? We don’t know
- we are finding a distrust of anything that is broadcast
- the video has been passed around MySpace only because it was a kid, not an expert
- what about a hybrid model, where they take this girl and put her video in an ad?

The wisdom of crowds – when you become an expert you stop learning.

Pinko marketing manifesto:

Pinko marketing wiki:
- marketing in the post-Cluetrain era.

Pinko principle #1
- inbound, rather than outbound messages – creating the tools for people to voice how they use a product; we can start using money used for outbound messages to instead make the product better

Pinko principle #2
- be a community advocate – go with the direction of people; take the voice of the community and fight for your community back to your company

Pinko principle #3
- 100% authenticity – stop using the word “viral”. Creating viral is not authentic. It is not about creating connections; viral created by companies is damaging to client relations e.g. Chevvy Tahoe ad – they let everything run, including the bad [Connie's note: see Rocketboom]

Pinko principle #4
… [missed it]
- don’t ignore part of your market e.g. 90% of people who work with photos use Macs. Need to have Mac capability if you want to appeal to this market.

Pinko principle #5
… [missed it]

New-style medial hype: Snakes on a Plane [Snakes on a]

How do you market to a community? You have to be part of the community.

How do you earn the reputation with little time? You cannot just drop things in and expect them to work. You have to take part and be a human like anyone else. You have to build a reputation and rapport.

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