Thursday, January 12, 2006

Welcome Cherniak Readers!

I am somewhat amused at the number of Cherniak on Politics readers heading over to this blog. I am flattered to be listed as one of Jason's friends on his blog. With the election heating up, everyone's looking to find something to squabble over, so they are heading over here to see what political views I espouse. Unfortunately you won't find a lot in the way of overt political discussion here. But, nevertheless, I hope you find something of interest!

Here, I will give you one little political tidbit: I live in Jack O'Layton Land. Which means I either support the guy who is going to get in anyway, or put in a protest vote. Maybe I'll check out what the Green Party has to say....

Anyway, I should mention Jason is also one of the pundits blogging coverage of the election for CTV.

Don't forget to exercise your right to vote! Advance polls are open tomorrow, Saturday, and Monday noon to 8 pm your local time for your voting convenience. No line-ups!

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Jason Cherniak said...

Nice post Connie. I hope that my Conservative readers are nicer to you if they post here than they are to me!