Friday, August 12, 2005

Starting Out from CBA

The Canadian Bar Association has a wealth of guides for lawyers starting out and opening their own practices from their page Starting Out. Some of these titles would be of interest to others as well:

  • Welcome to Reality: A New Lawyer’s Guide to Success
    Chapter 1 – How to Make Friends With Your Files
    Chapter 2 – Technology: Use It or Lose Out
    Chapter 3 – Let’s Get Personal About Practice Management
    Chapter 4 – Working With Your Assistant
    Chapter 5 – Communicating With Your Clients
    Chapter 6 – Money Matters
    Chapter 7 – Time Management

  • Packing My Own ‘Chute
    Part I – The Decision
    Part II – Setting Up The Home Office
    Part III – In Search of the Perfect Laptop
    Part IV – Getting Focused: Developing a strategic plan and achieving work-life balance
    Part V – Chutzpah (Working the Room)
    Part VI – After the Conference
    Part VII – The Crash

  • What You Didn’t Learn in Law School: Top Tips for New Lawyers

  • Keep Your Head Above Water

  • Technologies for the Solo, Home, and Mobile Office: Networking and Data Protection

  • Technologies for Solo, Home, and Mobile Lawyers

  • Taking Care of Business

  • Independence Day: Starting Your Own Law Firm

  • Let It Go: Why Lawyers Need to Take Vacations

  • Association Compensation and Advancement: There is a Better Way

  • The Differentiation Equation
    (How to make your firm stand out from the crowd)

  • Mind Your Own Business! Manage Your Law Practice Like a Corporation

  • Time Well Spent
    (How to use your non-chargeable hours wisely)

  • Limited Liability Partnerships

  • Revitalization: A Key to Planning Successful Firm and Solo Practice Transitions

  • Flying Solo - A CBA Guide to Solo Law Practice in Canada

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