Wednesday, July 20, 2005

When Was Your Last Vacation?

A little article from lexisONE on vacations: Are You Suffering From Vacation Deprivation?

Some pointers from the article:

1. Don't Wait till it's too Late - Start thinking about what you want to do on your holiday at least six months ahead of time. Planning ahead commits the boss - and you - to the vacation so it's less likely to be postponed or scrapped at the last minute.

2. Cross-train Colleagues - Train a colleague or two on your job so they can fill in some of your tasks while you're gone. You'll do the same for them. Cross-training is the secret to long vacations in Europe.

3. Cut the E-Leash - Set up your e-mail with an "out of office" tag, and don't let any laptops, pagers or other work devices stow away with you. If you're in touch with the office, you're not on vacation.

4. Don't Abbreviate - Push for all the time you can get. Three-day weekends are fine, but they're not vacations.

5. Unpack Before You Go - Leave behind the productive work mind set and the guilt that goes with it. Vacations are not about output; they're about input - exploring, learning, experiencing, relaxing. Don't fill time; make it fulfilling.

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