Friday, April 01, 2005

In Honour of the April Fool

I couldn't resist writing and sending this out to our firm today. Got a few people good, too, with people asking me for maps!--

Apologies for the short notice! We will be reorganizing part of the Library this weekend. While we will try to keep materials as available as possible, things will be in somewhat of a disarray. We will try to have them back in order for Monday morning or, at latest, Tuesday.

Some of the changes we are making:

All topical case law reporters will be moved over one aisle to make way for more textbooks.
Provincial case law reporters will be moved into the new section beside the English
Indexes (or, "Indices", if you prefer) for all case law reporters will be moved to one
Location making it easier to do case law research from one spot.

Foreign textbooks will be separated and moved toward the end of the collection.
Oversize textbooks will be removed from the collection, and put into a separate section beside the Reference collection.
Orders and notices from the Canadian Government will be moved closer to the statutes.
Legislation will be put into a more logical sequence, with
Statutes being interfiled with their corresponding regulations.

Thanks to everyone who responded to our recent survey--these changes are a result of what you have asked to see!

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