Wednesday, January 12, 2005

What Do Your Clients Really Think of You?

I finally--FINALLY!--have time to do a little extracurricular (or, perhaps more accurately, extra curricular) reading. Found this excellent article on the Canadian Bar Association website:
What Do Your Clients Really Think of You? by Ann Macaulay.

It goes into detail about what clients really think of their lawyers, mostly negative things clients experience but are too shy to mention directly to their lawyers, and then gives recommendations for specific things to work on to improve in those areas.

An excellent article to pass along to the lawyers in your life, but also excellent for those of us in other service areas as many of the lessons can be related. For example, when a client calls for help, never talk about how busy you are with other work, since it gives the impression his/her work is going to get a low priority. Macaulay gives some specific ways to handle this situation when you really ARE too busy to handle the client's work immediately. Good stuff.

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