Thursday, September 02, 2004

Quicklaw Classic Note

For anyone running Quicklaw Classic on your system, you will want to check that it is still working. It is no longer supported by LexisNexis in favour of their web version at That much I knew a while back, but it appears our Classic version stopped completely working the last day or two. My understanding is one can sign on, but searching does not work.

Apparently it is possible to download a more recent version that still works from their website. I wonder, however, how long this version will continue to work? This will be impetus for us to switch our researchers over to using the website exclusively, but it will require training. We may download the more recent software in the meantime to make the transition a little smoother.

For my own part, I have weaned myself off the Classic version and have been using the Browser version. Now it is time to help others do the same, I suppose.

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Connie Crosby said...

Our software did not actually stop "completely working" as I stated earlier. Most databases continued to work with the classic software; it was primarily the statute databases that were no longer searchable. We do plan to load in the more current software to keep things running a little while longer while we phase people over to using the webby version.