Monday, April 19, 2004

Today's hidden gems

Lots of gems in today's Globe and Mail, including the "Professions" section all about lawyers (page B15 in the Toronto edition) and an article on page A5 about a new guide from the Canadian Judicial Council. The guide is meant to help judges put instructions into plain English for juries. The news release is available on the CJC website as well as the full document Model Jury Instructions in Criminal Matters in HTML and Word formats.

Other interesting items on the CJC website: a 6-page PDF document entitled Model Judicial Acceptable Use Policy for Computer Technology looks interesting. I am posting the link here so I can take some time later to read it. Also this page has back issues of a publication called Computer News for Judges which extols the virtues of use of electronic documents in court. Hmmm...I wonder how many litigation lawyers have seen that. I'll have to bookmark these pages to check back later.

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