Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Learning to Blog

This thing is starting to come together. I started with the free application available from I could post the pages on my own server or, as I have done here, keep it all on their free server, . Gotta be careful not to call it "blogstop"!

Blogger allowed me to pick a template and then tweak the HTML to get what I want. I made the font a little smaller so you won't get so annoyed reading my verbose, lengthy paragraphs. I capitalized my name at the topic since it looked funny to me without caps. I'm no e.e. cummings, I guess. I have now learned to add headings into the posts to better distinguish them. Finally, I just set myself up with a Hotmail account so I can post a non-work-related e-mail address on this site ("ConnieBlog"!) and created an "E-mail" section to the right. For colleagues who happen to know my work e-mail address, you can still use that instead if you prefer.

My tentative future plans are to upgrade my Blogger account to have additional blogs for other aspects of my life, such as for my book club. The upgrade comes at nominal cost. A bigger upgrade would get rid of the ads at the top, but I don't mind these so much since I'm getting free benefit from them so far.

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