Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Information Overlord Covers Wikinomics

Information Overlord Scott Vine gives his evaluation of the book Wikinomics in his recent blog post Wikinomics.

He says:

I have just finished reading Don Tapscott and Anthony Williams' - Wikinomics. It is set to become the must read in the blogging community this year, and it is well worth several hours of anyone's time.

The book which takes off where Thomas Friedman's - The World is Flat left off last year paints a picture of the changing face of the internet and connectivity, and how the businesses that succeed in the future will be the ones that adopt and change and ride of the crest of the - dare we say it, web 2.0/social media, wave.

He goes on to give some key quotes and discuss them. Well worth a visit!

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rakerman said...

I have a review of Wikinomics at Science Library Pad.