Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy New Year!

Things are starting to get back to normal after a very busy holiday break. Things didn't really go as planned over the holidays, so I didn't quite get all the things done that I wanted to do. Such as move this blog over to the new Blogger, get my vacation photos (from September!) loaded onto Flickr, and get my next article written. As my mother would say, "such is life." Instead I did some equally (or more) valuable things: spent more quality time with family than expected, got lots of much-needed sleep, and used my French language skills I thought forever buried in my subconscious while visiting my in-laws' relatives in Quebec.

Anyway, now I am slowly trying to get back on track and thinking in English again. Heh. And I've got a few things to catch everyone up on this blog. I should get back in the swing of things again soon.

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