Friday, February 16, 2007

Can't Wait to See Who's Who at Podcamp Toronto!

I have been anxiously awaiting PodCamp Toronto 2007 ! It takes place next weekend. Things have been really gearing up....we are up to 207 registrants and counting. Lots of people are putting on sessions--a schedule has been put up to allow us to book ourselves in to a time slot.

I'm proud to say that Jim Milles and I are putting on an intro session in the very first time slot, called "What to Podcast". It will be a brainstorming session for podcasting newbies (like me) who want to get started but are not sure what to do for content.

Anywho, some of the people I have met, but many I haven't. It will be a lot of fun to see who is who in the world of Toronto podcasting! (well, more likely greater metropolitan Toronto area and environs podcasting).

I have my fancy new blog business cards all ready to hand out. They arrived this week!

Oh yes, and Jim recorded our conversation about Podcamp for his podcast Check This Out! (Episode 60) so if you want to know more about podcamp, we talk about it at great length.

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