Thursday, June 15, 2006

Video in the Law Firm

This was something I originally wrote in an email to Jim Milles since I know he has started experimenting with video, and I decided to share it with everyone--

I must say, this past week a couple of things have got me even more jazzed about video. First was the brief interview Rocketboom did with Robert Scoble about his leaving Microsoft. He mentioned that their videotaping people around the office was pretty popular. Of course, a lightbulb went off in my head that that would be a terrific way of getting people to know one another in my office. Then at this KM conference some of the professional development people talked about capturing professional development sessions on video, and one person even suggested having experienced lawyers talk about discrete aspects of their work so associates can view the video before embarking on a certain aspect of work. An even further aspect would be a part of a "retrospective" after a project is completed, asking a client a number of questions on video as a wrap-up to the project. Then it could be "sliced and diced" down and re-edited to have various clients talking about one topic for internal review. So many possibilities... Now I am anxious to get a video camera and start playing!!

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