Tuesday, June 27, 2006

More Cartoons - welcome to libraryland

I generated a few more cartoons with the Strip Generator.

Here are the links:

Help! I need something about monkeys! Fast!

So a man walks into the library... [gak! just noticed the typo!]

Who called this meeting?

and the original:

Hi! Can I help you?

If you wish to print these out, I suggest landscape and small margins.

The strip generator does leave something to be desired. For example, once you start something you have to finish it. You can't go back to edit, so I can't fix my typo that I just noticed after several days. Also, there doesn't seem to be an easy way to copy the strips off the service and reuse them elsewhere. I could probably do a screen capture and then crop and save into Flickr or the like, but that doesn't seem quite adequate. Finally, I can't print them out without getting a lot of the additional admin sections of the screen. Okay, not to mention the whole site is in two languages at least and there are no instructions.

Now that I've given you all the "down" sides to it, I challenge you to give it a shot and see what fun it really is! I love looking at others' cartoons (most of which are violent unfortunately) but there is such a creativity there.


James Milles said...

These are great! I love the monkeys.

Anonymous said...

How Can I Help You was wonderful, and I really enjoyed them all. It is great to see the lighter side of your work. Thanks again!

Connie Crosby said...

Thanks, both. I couldn't resist including monkeys. Although I have yet to have a reference question about monkeys in real life....

Anonymous said...