Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Fantastic Freebies - Promoting 2.0 Training


Janie Hermann & Robert Keith, Princeton

Gadget garage - iPods, gadgets - can lend out or use to teach in classes [cool name and idea!]

email, Internet, search engines, online catalogue. You can do more! Even a small library without a big budget behind you.

First: get the word out. You want your technology librarians/staff as the tech gurus.

Databytes - each librarian for a month give a daily update on one topic. Teaching distributed around the department. Originally was meant to train the staff, but the public asked to join in so they have included them now.
  • e.g. "Tuesday Technology Talks" - one on Firefox was "hot" -
  • Fun with Flickr poster is cool, brought in a lot of people - what your staff needs to know about Flickr is what the public needs to know about Flickr.
Have demonstrated 40 different websites/tools, mixing and matching depending on the groups of people. They stay up to date with PC Magazine, SEOmoz Web 2.0 awards, Time Magazine 50 Coolest Websites, Filehippo, tech blogs, library blogs, Slash Dot, and others.

Text editing freebies:
  • Google Docs
  • YourDraft
  • Ajaxwrite
Organizaion freebies:
  • Tadalists - make "to do" lists
  • Cozi Central - organize your entire family - shared family calendar, shopping lists, photo collages
  • Google Calendar
Productivity freebies:
  • LogMeIn - give someone tech support remotely
  • CCleaner - cleans out garbage e.g. temporary files; resolves issues
Photos and video freebies:
  • The GIMP
  • Everystockphoto
  • Flickr
  • OneTrueMedia
Goes with easier sites for beginners; more difficult sites for techies.

You build up your user base; keep teaching, adding in, give classes catchy names e.g. "What's the Fuss about RSS"; "Become a Blogger". Doing a podcast project (last summer was a wiki - Booklover's Wiki"). How to create and post free podcasts.

Matt Gullett & Robin Bryan, Public Library of Charlotte and Macklenburg County

Tech freebies - promoting to teens

"Kids are snacking on media and they want to be a part of creating that snack."

You can use what you already have. Excel, Powerpoint - most of us have some sort of office suite on our machines. You can do some innovative programming with what you already have.

ImaginOn - a branch of public libraries and children's theatre in Charlotte (ages 0-18). Has a museum feel to it.

Jewel in the crown is Studio i - video music and animation - blue screen wall, three stations (live action, 3D animation, music creation. Came up with idea of portable imagination station:
  • Stop Motion Pro
  • Pinnacle Studio - editing software
  • Sony Acid Music Studio
  • GarageBand (Mac)
  • Final Cut Studio (Mac)
Thanks to Michael Sauers for Twittering the links which I have included here while liveblogging!!

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