Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Caveat Emptor? Researching Metropolitan Who's Who

I find it incredible the number of people finding my blog post about Metropolitan still. They are trying to determine whether to take memberships, whether to take the risk. You will note I do not call the Internet-based private social network a scam. As a librarian, I believe in presenting the various points of view, good, bad or indifferent, so that people can form intelligent, well-informed opinions on their own. People deciding whether to join should make up their own minds about Metropolitan. In addition to the Metro-written website, blogs and press releases which as with anything written by most organizations are very positive, also have a look at this and this and weigh the risks carefully for yourself before you pay $741 or whatever amount they quote you. If you don't feel uncomfortable giving them your money after reading the various points of view, then you will have piece of mind giving out your credit card number.

Remember, in any relationship when you sign on to join a group or buy something, caveat emptor. A nice Latin phrase for you legal research fans!!

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Anonymous said...

I worked for them. trust me when I say they send these cards to anyone - we would get member cards back from people in prison. Who's Who should be Who's got a credit card