Friday, April 29, 2005

I'm a Printability Loser!

Apparently I have a printability problem, according to Walt Crawford in his recent column Cites & Insights 5:6 - disContent Perspective: Printability (see bottom of article). Who knew? I guess the good news is that he's somehow reading this column despite my lack of printability.

I purposely try to keep only a few day's worth of postings on the first screen to reduce the need to scroll, but the problem likely lies with the Blogger formatting. Something to think about for future blog changes. I think it would have to be resolved by going to a different blog host. I noticed when recently printing out one of my pages that the colours come out completely different in the print--like a whole different format. To get the same look I had to take screen shots and paste them into Word or PowerPoint instead.

Anyway, this article is a good review of what makes a web page printable, and why webmasters should take this issue seriously.

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waltc said...

Hi Connie,

I don't have a link to offer, but if you look for Baby Boomer Librarian (I think that's the name), Bill Drew's blog, he has an entry describing how he solved the Blogger moving-strip print problem by modifying the CSS.

Another blog on my (badly-named) losers list has a similar post. It's apparently pretty easy, and works beautifully, yielding printouts comparable to WordPress (no colors, no graphics, but clearly-identified, compact, print).