Friday, August 01, 2008

Use That iPod! Latest Podcasts with Connie Crosby

Okay, I had the date wrong for the Law Librarians podcast in my last post. As recompense I have put together links to a few other recent podcast episodes that, coincidentally, I have been involved in:

Uncontrolled Vocabulary, Episode 52 - Uncontrolled Tech Support
Summary: group phone-in show discussing recent library news. I prefer to call this episode "Two People in Costumes With a Puppet" instead--you will have to listen to find out why!
Host: Greg Schwartz
Date: July 30, 2008

On the Log, Episode 29 - Look it Up
Summary: I am interviewed about the future of libraries. Recorded for a non-librarian audience. I discover a new verbal tick (can you pick it up?)
Host: John Meadows
Date: July 26, 2008

Discovr, Episode 6, Branding Yourself Online
Summary: Eden Spodek, Tommy Vallier and I talk personal branding at length with "teenage tech enthusiast" Michael Mistretta.
Host: Michael Mistretta
Date: June 19, 2008

Video StudentGuy - Episode 100 - Podcasters Across Borders
Summary: In June I attended a small conference in Kingston, Ontario called Podcasters Across Borders. It was the third year for the conference, and my second year attending. Paul interviews some of the presenters and includes comments from a number of the attendees, including me.
Host: Paul Lyzun
Date: July 17, 2008

I haven't listened to all of these yet myself! I think the On the Log interview in particular turned out well.

More podcast fun:
  • at the CALL conference in May one of the vendors gave out iPod Shuffles to attendees. Rather than listen to music, I immediately loaded it with library and business-related podcasts. I'm thinking of putting together a round-up of these and maybe some info on how to load your iPods with podcasts. Is that of interest?
  • Sneak preview: Eden Spodek, one of my fellow organizers at Podcamp Toronto 2008, digital communications specialist, and the woman behind the Bargainista blog, and I are working to put together a regular podcast focusing on community and social networking tools. If all goes well we should be recording our first episode this weekend and having something out soon. Stay tuned!
  • Looking for even more fun on podcasts and podcasting?? You MUST check out Canadian Podcast Buffet, the weekly roundup of podcasting news in Canada. Hosts Bob Goyetche and Mark Blevis are currently on a summer break, but they are posting recordings from the Podcasters Across Borders conference which they organize. I encourage you to take the time this August to explore the archives!

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