Monday, January 28, 2008

News Flash: Connie Crosby Hosts Uncontrolled Vocabulary - Wed. Jan. 30/08 - 10 pm EST

You have no doubt heard me talk a bit about Uncontrolled Vocabulary, the library industry phone-in show via Talkshoe on the web. Greg Schwartz aka planetneutral, the usual host, is unable to fulfil his usual duties as host this week. As such, he went in search of a guest host and I put up my hand. Here is his post:

The show will go on!

Many thanks to Connie Crosby, aka Leisure Girl, for grabbing the reins and agreeing to fill in for me as host this week. Connie is active within the podcasting community and can be heard on the Podcamp Toronto Podcast, as well as recent episodes 25 and 27 of this program. So fasten your safety belts and I'll be back for episode 29 on February 2nd. Thanks again Connie!

I hope you will consider joining me over on Talkshoe Wednesday night. That is Jan. 30/08 at 10 pm EST.

And if you have story ideas, you can email them to me or tag them on with the tag "unvocab". You can also visit the unvocab tag page in advance to see what will be discussed during the show, although Greg tells me I will have "editorial control" over what we actually discuss. Ah, the POWER!


So, don't let me just talk to myself. Come and join me. Thanks!

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