Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Backbone Magazine on Networking + Tips for Staying Safe on the Internet

The latest issue of Backbone Magazine has an article on networking called Your next big prospect is at LinkedIn or Facebook by Danny Bradbury.

In addition to LinkedIn and Facebook, the article talks about an up-and-coming networking tool which I hadn't heard of before, Visible Path. Will have to check into it. (Note it is accidentally called Visual Path at least once in the article which threw me off on a wild goose chase).

This article points out dangers of social networking tools from the business point of view. These include:

-not being able to separate clients and contacts one from the other. It is all just one big "pot" of contacts and they all can see each other;
- because of the overlap in social and business uses, those using something like Facebook early in life for fun may have those party photos come back to haunt them when they are job hunting
- many people using social networking tools are a little more open with details of their lives. Someone could go from site to site and gather a complete profile.
- it allows people to be found a easily recruited.

One tip for anyone concerned about compiling information about them and using it nefariously: think about what key information someone would need to locate your home, your family members, or to commit identity theft. Make a mental note to never reveal those pieces of information in public forums or to strangers online. For me this includes not talking about family members, not revealing family members' names, not talking specifically about where I live, and to not post my birthday on Facebook. There are times I have been tempted to post little comments on Twitter that might reveal some of this information, but have held myself back from doing so.

I am curious what other tips people have for staying safe on the 'Net?


Anonymous said...


You offer some good tips about staying safe and professional on social networks. I'd never thought about safe-guarding my birthday on Facebook.

About Visible Path, we've been called Visual Path so many times that I'm beginning to wonder if we should change our name. In any case, I hope you give it a try.


Lynda Radosevich
Visible Path

Connie Crosby said...

Thanks for your comments, Lynda. Actually the domain has already been taken, so you are probably best to stay as is!

The trick will be trying to distinguish the brand as you say. Will have a look when I have more time.