Friday, February 25, 2005

Postjudgment and prejudgment interest rates - Ontario

Anyone looking for the interest rates in the Ontario Gazette may have missed them recently. Rather than being indexed under "Courts of Justice Act", they are now simply listed under "Postjudgment and prejudgment interest rates". An example is in the
December 18, 2004 Ontario Gazette

I think this change is actually clearer (before you had to know the interest rates come out under the Courts of Justice Act); however, if you don't know to look under "P" rather than "C", you could easily miss it!

By the way, the interest rates are also now readily available from the Ministry of the Attorney General website, for anyone who doesn't need to obtain them from the official source: Postjudgment and Prejudgment Interest Rates.

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Connie Crosby said...

7 years later, and I am so impressed that the link to the Ontario Government website still works! Kudos to the webmaster.