Monday, March 22, 2004

After a few years concerned with the physical aspects of our library, especially with regard to consolidating satellite libraries with the main library, and planning new space contiguous to the old, I can finally put that project to rest and get on with other things. I now find myself consumed with all things "webby" and theoretical.

Looking for a library website model, I came across Egypt's fabulous Bibliotheca Alexandrina. The magnitude of this website astounds me. So many facilities, services, and projects. It is no wonder they have chosen to go with different banners for different sections. The home page is my favourite, however, with the towering library windows and the high-tech globe in the cool blue. My library co-workers know how much I love blue websites.

Website aside, I would very much like to see the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in person some day. It is meant to be the rebuilding of the Ancient Library of Alexandrina. Too bad this website doesn't provide more photos of the new building, or a history of the old. I found this separate site with info on both the old and the new libraries: I will have to go back and read about it later--looks very interesting.

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